My experience from years as an in house lifestyle journalist and as a freelance journalist – both digital and print – has given me the tools to write targeted press releases as a PR consultant and making PR strategy for lifestyle brands. I understand what makes the media pay attention; namely the good story that talks directly to its readers. Further I have – at a personal level – had a life long love affair with all things fashion and interior related – which has given me a unique brand awareness. I know what makes a brand stand out from the crowd.

Do you need help telling all the stories that define your fashion or lifestyle brand and makes it special? Please contact me. I can help you with:

– Writing press releases to your special target group 
– Building a strong PR strategy and execute 
– Put together influencer cooperation and follow up 
– Writing newsletters that both inform and inspires  

I’m based in Copenhagen and I mainly help local brands getting a voice internationally as well as in Denmark.  

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